Monday, June 8, 2009

hartal->black day......

Sunday,8/9/09…. Time- sometime around 7.30pm…. Flash news on air, “CPM has called for an hartal tomorrow in TVM city and cannanore”…. I was watching some old movie in kiran t.v when I got to hear my phone’s message tone… It contained a message from a friend of mine, it was “JAI KU… Our elective exam has been postponed”…. I dint understand anything as I wasn’t aware of the flash news…. I replied to the message asking for the reason.. Got a reply about the hartal .. Soon after that my mobile’s inbox started to flood with the flash news and about the postponement of exams. I was wondering! , why because the exams where scheduled only for Tuesday and hartal is on Monday… Anyways I was least bothered as I don’t have any exam on Tuesday.. I switched over the channel to “manorama news” where I got to know that this hartal was called as a consequence of governor sanctioning the CBI to prosecute a top CPM leader.. As I am not interested in politics that much, soon after getting to know the reason I switched back to the movie channel and continued watching the movie, though I lost many a portion of that movie due to the channel switch.. For some time after that I kept on watching the movie and no other thoughts crept into my mind... Then came an advertisement in T.V regarding some “Do’s and Don’ts while selecting a college to pursue higher studies”.. I started getting calls from some of my friends who were supposed to take their “software project management” exam on Tuesday, all of them were extremely happy that they got it postponed, and also for the fact that they get more time to study for the compiler design exam. Akhil told me the aforementioned reason and it was at that spur of the moment I realized that I haven’t bought the text book of compiler design and I cant buy it tomorrow if there is a hartal.. I started getting worried about it and at the same time cursing myselves for being a hardcore procrastinator. I planned to buy the book last Thursday and its next the Monday now , still no book in hand.. Just imagine what kindof a procrastinator I am.. I lost all my mood as I thought my plans to study atleast from tomorrow is going to be a failure... I went down to have my dinner and while I was having it, I got message from some other friend of mine which said” The hartal has been called off”… I dint believe it when I read through for the first time but later on I got to hear from dad that the hartal has been called off.. I was on seventh heaven.. I thanked god a lot as the shutters wont be closed tomorrow and I can buy the book… at the same time I was very eager to know the reactions of my friends who had exams on Tuesday. As the hartal has been called off its obvious that schools,colleges, exams etc will work as per schedule.. Though nobody were sure whether the exams have been postponed or not , I was kind of contented and satisfied that I could buy the book. I just thought to put the t.v again, but this time I wanted to know the reason behind the calling off.. Some news channel displayed “ HARTAL CHANGES TO BLACK DAY”… Black day???? What is that???? Well, whatever be it, there wasn’t any news regarding the rescheduling of exams.. It still displayed “ KU,MG, KANNUR university’s have postponed their exams to be conducted on Monday and Tuesday, and the new dates will be published later.”.. It was then I realized that one simple call for an hartal helped 1000’s who were to take exams on Monday and Tuesday and at the same time normal life of masses is not going to be affected as the hartal has been changed to black day(“kari dinam”)… All these makes one proud of the Kerala government, and as far as the student community is concerned , Govt. of Kerala rocks a big time…….

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