Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just a post...:D:D

Huhh…3 days passed by… Was least aware of it… The basic reason is I wasn’t even able to stand up after the compiler design test… It was neither an innocuous one nor pretty harmful.. I don’t know.. Seriously this is my current position after spending my most precious 3 years of life doing btech.. Was I not interested in doing it before getting into it ??? or was I interested?? Anyway ! right now I want to extricate… Extricate from this suffused Btech stuff… The question of interest is of least importance now…Well!!.. I still have got 3 more exams to go for completing the sixth semester, appended with the phrase “not placed or unemployed”… At times I just ask myselves what is “that thing” which is a “feel good factor” which has struck me over the past 3 years?? and the answer is pretty obvious.. It is nothing but “nil” .. All I can say is for the past 3 years I was not “me” and it continues to be like this until june 2010 when I pass out of the college with a btech degree in hand(hopefully).. On a serious note, I can say , I got to learn many things from college... Got to deal with variegated mindsets etc.. If I am asked whether I had my life at college?? Even then the answer would be the obvious one..(i.e), NO… But still I have got one more year to be spent at college. Maybe things can change… The interesting thing is within a couple of weeks, I am going to be the super-senior at college… It could be “we” rather than “I” , with a special mention to my friends at college as well.. I still remember when I was a new admission at college , the way I used to get “ragged” by the super-seniors. And in a couple of weeks time its my chance to rag all the juniors of mine.. Could have done it earlier but I dint do it.. There is no particular reason behind it…And now will I do it ?? I still think I would preferably spit out a “NO” again.. People say ragging is the best way to establish amicable relations which juniors.. But as far as I am concerned I would totally disagree with the aforementioned. Is ragging the only way to befriend juniors?? Well that requires a bit of thinking… Above everything all I know is “ I am going to be a 7th semester b tech student soon” and within a year I am going to bid adieu to my college and its surroundings… Am I happy about it or not?? Well I guess this is not the right time to answer the question as I already mentioned about the year ahead which I am going to spend at college as the senior most student. . Hope fully I will be able to pen in a new post titled “What b tech has left me with” within a span of an year…. A long wait till then…………………………….:)

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