Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ohhh Boy!!! After a very long time… I guess I had to wait for this day to restart my diary… But this time I thought y not try out a blog… Apart from the usual cut-paste topics it would be more realistic too… After a very stressful week writing my computer graphics and advanced microprocessor exam in the worst ever manner possible I just thought to switch ON my lappy which was lying unused or precisely in a “sparingly used” state.. I just realize these days that when I had that old Pentium IV, desktop of mine, I used to perpetually online, chatting, playing, blogging cut paste stuffs.. hehe. (by the way the links to those are attached, just take a look if possible.. dnt know u might get some useful redundant info(:-D)(:-P)), Too much of multitasking made that old desktop go bonkers…sorry!!! it made me go nutz all the time... All those made me force folks to buy a new lappy so that I can use it without much of a stress(luckily I got the “yes” node from dad when I asked about it for the first time) heh.. Well I guess I m running away from the topic... hmm.. after a hectic week of 2 nerve-racking xams we got 6 days holidays for preparing for our next exam (i.e) compiler design, at the same time some of my classmates are getting just a day for preparing CD(compiler design).. I bet those people will score more than what a person would score if he’s given a week’s hols… And if it is me…huhh…. m blogging now… heh.. Hope it is being not viewed by my teacher a.k.a keerthy miss and I m sure that she would thrash me If she gets to know that I was blogging during the study hols and that too before her subject’s…hehe… Well, I was clinging on to my mobile for some time in the after noon, before taking a nap (looong one which lasted around 4-6 hours) i made a stern decision that I would start studying in the evening(evening means around 7.30-8.00(:-D)) and as always I dint feel like touching the books but for the first time I felt like touching my lappy and that too for penning a blog… Aint me a hardcore procrastinator(or not??)..???? I think I am..(heads up with lot of courage and enthusiasm)…. I was thinking of studying some academic stuffs since the day amp(advanced microprocessor) xam got over.. and I knew that I wont be touching the books until it is the eve of the next xam.. And gulping up some academic stuffs on the eve of the xams wont fetch you anything I guess.. (aint me right????).. But still I stand wonderstruck when I see many guys doing it on the eve of the xams and scoring helluva scores… And I got to see this from the semester 1 university xams of mine(our’s) in college… I basically feel that u don’t even get time to go through the portions the day before the xam and its great(n sarcastic too .. that I cant do it) to see that many jus open the buks the day before and score high…. Is that a special gift or do these people study without anybody’s knowledge??? I don’t know and I m still on the process of finding out the secret behind it… Anybody frank enough to let it out???? This space welcomes you then…hehe.. Oops I its around 8.00 in the evening(night… to be specific(:-D))… n yeah another day without touching the books… It might sound as if the day is over..heh.. yeah its just like that for me because I get busy after dinner strait jacketing my selves to slumber mode…. Hoping that I take out the books and read something atleast tomorrow(the next day)… And that’s my plan at the spur of the moment and I think I just post this blog and move on with my usual routine…… Good night… n sweet dreams… for all and myselves…(:))

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