Sunday, June 7, 2009

Well .. After a vexatious day, I am again here in front of my laptop for the sole reason….. u know what?? Hmm I will tell u.. Just to post in about something that made my day a vexatious one…. As it was mentioned I retired to bed around 9.30 yesterday as usual making my plans for the next day(i.e today). U could just imagine what plans a person or a boy of 20 would make if he’s currently traversing through an exam season. Hmm.. that’s quite obvious again.. Have got an exam this Thursday and the weirdest part of it is I haven’t bought the text book. Its been a usual routine in my house that folks wont allow me to sleep after 6.00am on sundays(how cruel is it right???)L, I know, but I don’t have any other go other than to wake up. If I don’t get up by myselves or soon after the first call from either dad or mom then the day would start with me listening to the biggest thing I hate in my life, u know what?? Its listening to their advices.(some people precisely call it “chori” in mallu). And you want to know what my folks spit out as part of the above mentioned “chori”? hmm.. here it goes,
Mom-(from downstairs)- “Suraj(scream)…. Get up its getting late..”
Me- “Mom I want to sleep for 30 more minutes please, I was studying all the night.”(anyways that’s the usual excuse I give and mind in return I am given some time extension but not more than 15 minutes:( )
(after some time, a screeching noise from downstairs again, its dads turn now)
Dad- “Dai…. Get up…. Enough of sleeping.. get up and do something useful like studying or some exercise..”.(I don’t know why dad always wants me to do yoga in the early morning.. I have heard that its very good for your all round development if you practise yoga daily.. Due to his blatant request I once joined a yoga coaching centre near my house and for my dismay I was tortured like anything there.. a thin man of average height would come and start standing on his head, shoulders etc.. I wonder why these people do like this, and moreover they make us do too. That’s ridiculous.. Unlike him or all the other people who came there to practise yoga I wasn’t able to stand on my head and all. And moreover slumber is something I cant despise too. So I left the place after giving the first instalment of fees :-D.
Me- “Appa i was studying all the night and I need some more sleep”
Dad-(to mom)- “ Look at your son, this guy wouldn’t even get up early atleast during exams.. and I don’t understand why he is not scoring at all inspite of studying all the night?? Simply trying to prevaricate by saying that he was studying all the night.. I wont believe it at any cost.”
(I was half asleep and I could hear all these and moreover I heard the sound of some footsteps climbing the stairs, I knew it could be either dad or mom)
Suddenly I jumped off from the bed and went inside the bathroom. After taking sometime to get over from the slumber I opened the door of the bathroom and saw mom waiting there. I knew she was about to start reprimanding for something because her face expression is usually very obvious. I thought it is for not studying the whole of yesterday + sleeping for long hours.. But I was wrong.. the reason was different today and it was the silliest reason ever.
Mom- “ Your room looks nightmarishngly untidy. You do whatever you want but I want it cleaned by noon otherwise no lunch today”
(The above mentioned were the only words from her mouth)
This is the smallest and lightest ever scolding that I have ever got from her. I meant it in terms of its duration and intensity respectively. I decided to clean it up. ( I forgot about compiler design :( ) .
To be frank, I occupy the whole of first floor of my house, except for one room which is dads, but he never gets into it. So literally the whole of it is used by me. So its always my responsibility to keep it clean. I dint have the mood of cleaning the whole thing up in the early morning but I had no other go. I started of with the drawing room and moved on towards the bedrooms and dining room. Initially it was just lifting up the papers lying on floor and basketting(my usage:-D) it into the waste basket kept at a distance. ( Basket ball has been my passion since 4th standard, so I have the habit of throwing things like the players thrown ball into the basketJ). It took me around ½ an hour to do so. And the next was destroying the cobwebs and removing the twigs off from the air hole which was occupied by a group of pigeons. I never wanted to “shoo” them off but it was dads order to clean that too. After all these heck stuffs one thing I got to know that is I wasn’t the only habitant of the top floor but also some rats and cats. Careful observation made me find all their homes and yeah I did destroy all of them too.

The time was around 2.00pm (remember I haven’t had my breakfast). Well once I finished the cleaning works (they are carried out once an year or twice, but not more than that) I called up the judge mom(:-D) to put marks(hehe). She came , saw the whole place neat and tidy and was happy. But she wasn’t sad that her son didn’t have his breakfastL.. poor me, got too strict parents.

After that I had a bath, and ran to dining room for lunch. I had a sumptuous lunch( my mom cooks really well). Meanwhile a thought of compiler design exam passed by my mind. I was feeling too tired after the cleaning works but still I thought after lunch I should study something.

Followed by the lunch I quickly skimmed through newspaper and came up planning what and to study for the day. It was around 3.45 when I came up.

I searched for the syllabus and luckily I found it out. But.. it was then only I realised that I dont have the compiler design text book with me.(haven’t bought it yet)… I wanted to buy it yesterday but dint go out due to laziness. And no book shops today. So I had nothing to do other than sleep or switch on my lappy. I was not in a mood to get another round of reprimanding for the day for sleeping again. So I just switched the lapp ON and decided to post.

Well one thing is most obvious about me I think is “I am a procrastinator”. I didn’t postpone the cleaning works because I am fed up of getting scolding from folks, they do treat me as if I am a small kid aged not more than 10. That’s ridiculous. Anyways I cant start studying today too as I don’t have the book. Better get a new one tomorrow and start afresh.:). I hope atleast from tomorrow onwards I will start studying. And luckily if that happens I am sorry to let you know that I will be away from this place until 9/june/2009 else this will be continued without a break….. :)

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