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Well, folks this in turn provides for the basic fact that I am a procrastinator..( don’t be annoyed as the aforementioned is the only word used in my posts.. its just cz its an attempt to adumbrate the traits in me or in other ways the inferences from the so called “The process of learning and figuring out myselves”..) The time span from june 13- july 19 (i.e) around 1 month and 8 days weren’t a hectic slot in my life.. I used to do nothing during most of my leisure time other than “ sleeping like a log”.. And some useful things done in due course were:-
*Going to college(sigh) daily, not cz of fear of attendance shortage but the new semester (i।e) started off with some kinda funda in class which is been mentioned later in the post.
*Read some good books viz.
The great Indian novel by Dr।Shashi Tharoor, Ignited minds (APJ),Wings of fire(Dr।APJ), The Da vinci code ,The alchemist and so on।
*Started worrying about my future। It all started as a result of my stint at T.I.M.E trivandrum for couple of days as a student( I still am though).
*Started routine cleaning of my stuffs such as ma room(as a result of blatant request by mom),dads car and bike(which are been in use by me currentlyJ) .
The things done at college were(are):-
**Started playing cricket in class room( not the real one though.. it’s a nice experience u knoe/? Making balls outta paper and a portion of desk as bat... It used to be a common stuff at school but the same at college reminded me of ma school days.
**Started playing cards.. I never used to play cards before.. The basic reason behind that was my grandma who never allowed me to play cards. Being an orthodox conservative Brahmin old lady she got some jinx with cards and never allowed her children and grandchildren (now) to play cards. Though both the aforementioned used to do except me, now that I am also on the race. :D

As of now these are things which make up routine stuffs and new additions to these rouines (under construction) will be furnished in consequent posts........ :):)

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