Friday, July 24, 2009

Managers are born, not trained...........

Here is an excerpt from a group discussion on Managers are born, not trained. Though I wasn’t there as a member participating in it, but as a silent spectator. I was extremely moved by the way each person in the group played their parts. I would like to pen in all the points I scribbled due course of the discussion, though the words by the speakers mentioned below are not exact but I see to it that all the points are covered. Here it goes.( I prefer to pen it down as a conversation itselves so that its easy for the readers to understand and its easy for penning in too:))

Speaker 1- (after a good morning and intro). Well friends, the topic of today’s discussion is ”managers are born and not trained” and I completely agree to the topic. As a matter of fact , all of us sitting here do have some managerial traits and some among us have honed up the traits so that they become better managers than their counterparts. Moreover we also learn from our parents friends and relatives, some stuffs related to how manage certain things in life hence I feel that managers are born. Thank you

Speaker 2- I tend to disagree with my previous speaker. If according to him managers are born, then why are many management institutions running from the length and breadth of the country to produce some of the finest managers? Management is both science as well as an art. It is the art of managing things in a scientific manner. A manager needs to be groomed and later he specializes a particular stream which makes him an expert, so in my opinion one has to undergo training to evolve as a good manager. Thank you

Speaker 3- well, I feel that managers are really born; the qualities and attributes for a good manager are genetic. These inherent qualities come to the fore when the concerned person is exposed to the actual work scenario. Management basically means managing the people or the so called sub-ordinates who work under a particular manger thereby getting the work done at right time and in right orientation.If we take a look at some of the leading India corporates like the tatas, the birlas, the ambanis and the singhanias, we infer that none of them had any professional degrees or attended any formal management courses, yet all of them made a niche for themselves in Indian business. Similarly, general electric and ford motors did not boast of management cadre to begin with. Same is the case with the Japanese giant Sony. They have reached the present position without the professional assistance of managers. All the aforementioned are pointers to the fact that managers are born and not trained. Thank you

Speaker 4- I appreciate the arguments given by my previous speaker, which are true not doubt. But today the entire scenario has changed and the world has become more competitive, so today all the above mentioned eminent tycoons are facing stiff competitions from the market. This is an era of specialisation and keeping in view that all of us have managerial skills, one has to accept the fact, that is only after a formal training from the reputed institutes, we are able to find put in which particular stream, one can give his/her best. For instance a person can have very strong interaction with most of the people he meets but then can his communication skill make him a good negotiator?? If yes, then he can be a good human resource manager or a marketing manager. A professional training can help a person to choose the better option, which comes with honing of the managerial skills and discovering more about ones attitude and aptitude, hence in today’s context managers have to be trained. Thank you.

Speaker 5 (the last one)- No doubt, management is the in-thing today and I agree to my previous speaker that a training is a need to groom an individual to become a result-oriented manager, but at the same time the individual should have the qualities in him to become a manger, as the saying goes “ you cant convert a donkey to a race horse”. So it is important that the individual should have it in him to become a manager. Thank you.

Well, this was what all it was about. I think I have traversed through out its length and breadth and the information provided are the best recollected from my memory and from my notepad. Last but not the least along with the above I would like to pen in my views on the same here. Its as follows.

Speaker 6 (yours truly)- if we look at our mothers, we can see the epitome of good mangers is sans any management training. They look after our house, maintain the monthly budget and also see to it that the house runs smoothly. This fact will point that it is not essential that managers have to be trained or professional managers are trained managers. All of us have managerial qualities from a very early stage in life like managing our studies and at the same time managing out extra curricular activities and to a certain extent managing the amount of money we have in our hands, be it pocket money or the sum we earned. We also manage our folks indirectly by making them agree to our wishes and desires and at times manage our girl friends with sophistication (;-)). So why cant we manage our job without a professional qualification and of late we can see people with management qualification cannot manage a decent job for themselves. Whereas people with ordinary qual. Reach great heights just because of their managerial skills which they sharpen with each tide. As a matter of fact, with the exception of the premier institutes of management in the country , no other institutes are able to inculcate managerial qualities in an individual. As also management is quite practical unlike the theoretical aspects that are taught in various management institutes, so all said and done, an individual is a born manager and no amount of training can mould him into an exceptional manager………………

The above mentioned is what I have always felt regarding the case, but there are more pros and cons.
I hope you had a wonderful time going through the above and your valuable comments and suggestions are welcome, as this is a matter of generic opinion……….


  1. Interesting post! :)

    Lots of viewpoints there.. as to what u said abt the Indian mother/housewife..very true.. the manager in u is born when the seeds of micromanagement and attention to detail get sown..

    Here's something else i'd like to it someplace..
    'Managers know how to do the thing right..
    Leaders know how to do the right thing..'

    Keep blogging!! :)

  2. ^
    Leaders are managerss.... or its same the other way round....:)...

    Thnks mate...:)