Thursday, July 23, 2009

A wonderful experience that led to house arrest !!:((

I love rain. More than that, I love getting drenched in the rain. Its been a common scenario since I was a child. And on the other hand the people at my home hate it.Whenever they see me soaked , they start their usual routine of advices and reprimanding. I just hate it (used to), but no use. Have told a 100 times to folks that whatever they say/do, they can’t stop me from getting soaked in the rain as I do love it. Am I sounding “kiddish”?? well if it is, then I don’t give it a damn.(sorry for being rudeJ).

After my dad got transferred to some other place, there was a great relief for me regarding the above mentioned stuff. I get back home fully drenched on rainy days, mom screams, but I never care. But that’s not the case with dad. Though he is not a person from army, navy (or whatever be it) when it comes to strictness one would surely doubt that.

Last Friday I went to college with my buddy shivraj on his activa. Usually it would be the other way round, but due to the presence of dad in town that day I had to persuade shiv to take his bike so that we go to college. Situated around 15 kms from our place, the road to my college is completely guarded by plush greeneries. The most disadvantageous factor is that you don’t find much of a shelter to rest in case it starts raining.

It was around 7.30 in the morning. After my usual schedule, I called up shiv and fixed the meeting time and place. The sun was at its high. When I started to leave home dad asked me some stuffs, I would like to put the conversation in as-it-was condition:-

Dad- Suraj, are you ready?? Where should I drop you?? Did you call shiv??
( see how concerned he is!! He’s asking all these to a boy of 20.. I hate it)
Me- yeah I called him. He will be waiting near the bridge by 7.50. I will go by my selves.
Dad- I will drop you.
Me- No need. I told you I guess , that I will go by my selves.
Dad-(Angry)- don’t you understand what I say. Just come along with me. No more conversations.
Me- ( I knew this would happen, just not to worsen the situation I replied-) ok. As u say.( I was annoyed too.. it’s just because I hate people being overprotective and conservative!. My parents are one of such sorts, I have tried changing them but my views and conversations regarding the above mentioned were considered futile:(()
(got out of home.. me riding pillion to dad)
Dad- It seems it would rain heavily today. Have you got the rain jacket or umbrella with you?.
Me-( he knew that I don’t carry all these) No!! I don’t think It will rain. Even if it does I am happy to get soaked. I love rains.
Dad- (very angrily) I know you love rain. But once you are down with fever means its me who end up burning my pockets and time to drive you to-fro doctors place.
Me- I don’t fear fever. It can be bothered.
Dad- This is the problem with the younger generations. No matter how many times we plead to them not to do something, they seem totally unperturbed.
Me- ( was just listening all those patiently)(screamed) Would you please stop it??
( felt sorry for it laterL)
Dad- have this cap of mine.( he took it out from the front pouch of the bike)
Me- I don’t need it.
Dad- you will son. Listen to me. Its not going to make up much of a space in your bag.
Me-(just to avoid one more round of firing, took it and kept it on my bag. I was sure that I wont be using it no matter what.) Thanks.

He dropped me where shiv was waiting and we started off to college from the meeting place. Reached college about 15 minutes as this guy would swirl past you no matter which bike he rides. Being a “speed”/”velocity” lover I dint stop him going over an 80 km/hr in his bike. We reached college safe and sound.

It was around 3.00 in the evening. The sun was shining as it was in the morning. Everything changed all of a sudden. By around 3.45pm it started to rain. A question popped up in my mind on how am I going to reach home without getting drenched. I would have ignored this question, but since dad would be there at home, I had to ponder on that . Still around 45 minutes were left for the classes to get over. I thought the drizzling would stop by then. It dint. It was 4.30 and classes were over.

Shiv and me decided, no matter what we are getting back home fully soaked. As per our decision we started off from college in the heavy rain. We could have waited for a couple of minutes but we dint.

Amidst plush greeneries, heavy downpour, we kept driving back home. It was a very nice experience, ”kiddu” to be precise. I loved it as I was subjecting myselves to such a rain after a very long time. We got into a bakery near our meeting place just to dry ourselves. Shiv had something to eat, and I had one “veg puffs” and 2 bottles of cool drinks. (drinks during rain is an owesome experience u know?heh).

After spending some time there, I got back home. Dad was sitting in the verandah, his posture and attitude was clearly reflecting that he was waiting for me to get back home. By the time I got back, my dress was completely dry. Dad asked me whether I got soaked or not? I blatantly lied to him that I dint.

The rest of the day went on peacefully. I started feeling a bit uncomfortable with my throat the next day.( it was due to the drenching+ 2 bottles of cool drinks) I kept quiet as I dint want anyone to know about this. I went to the nearby med shop and bought my selves some throat lozenges, expecting things to go off well.

The case was worse the next morning. I was down with very high fever and throat infection. And I had to go and let out things to dad so that I can consult with a doctor. And as I expected I got a round of harsh scolding from dad and he took me to the doctor then.

I was diagnosed with severe throat infection and was advised 650mg antibiotics three times a day for five days. Today is the second day of medication. I felt I could get up today, that’s why I am here now.

One thing that is pretty sure is “house arrest sucks”. Till now I was confined to the 4 walls of my room doing nothing other than sleeping like a log.I just realize now that if at all I had atleast used that cap which dad gave me, I would have extricated being bedridden for 3 days. Now that I lost many a attendance at college(as if I care..lols) and above all, there would be a new member in my bag from now onwards, a rainjacket.(:(()..

I feel I am making this a boring sort of a game, so its high time I bid a good bye and get back to my bed and take some rest.

Hoping to get well soon…………………………………………………………:):)

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