Sunday, May 9, 2010

When life becomes a Daily Festival

I have been thinking about making my blog an active one since a very long time, but due to many unforeseen circumstances I haven’t been able to keep the promise I made to my selves. Tackling and overcoming all the aforementioned circumstances here I am, once again starting to pen down things, hoping that I get enough appreciation and motivation to write whatever I feel. “When life is a daily festival”, may be an inspiration I got from my selves or seeing a community of human beings making each and every day of their lives away from work or studies, a pleasant memory which they cherish all their life.

A community specially earmarks festival days when the daily routine is set aside to give way to some happenings which would surely make one extremely joyous. The case is absolutely a truth as we know, we would fine an extra happiness or an extra spark when we are not on work for a day or speaking specifically, one day of no classes in college or schools brings about immense source of joy, thus I consider it as an occurrence having extraordinary significance in our lives. More generically, we have the fests, viz eid, diwali, etc (for a say :D) which the entire human communities use for engaging themselves in activities which they love. As far as children are concerned, they always look forward to festivals and the revelries associated with them.

Labor or work has been called Adam’s curse, which was meted out to him for disobeying god (I have personally read this somewhere, so just thought to include this too:)). Man has generally seen enjoyment in his detachment from work and as far as students are concerned, their detachment from their academics or studies or schools or colleges or whatever be that for the matter of concern. Considering the hard and back breaking labor man had to perform to make both ends meet, he was or he is perhaps justified in opposing the pleasure of the work. For quite a few, the third world work involved in earning a livelihood is still exacting and tiring. But for a fairly large numbers now, work need not be drudgery. It can be a voluntary participation in socially useful and humanly satisfying work. WHY SHOULD THERE BE DRUDGERY IN TEACHING THE YOUNG ONES WHOSE WONDER AND CURIOSITY IS STIMULATING AND SATISFYING TO THE TEACHER?

Is not every dawn new, beautiful and harbinger of new hopes and aspirations??

Is not every cloud a messenger of a long awaited epistle of love??

Is not every sunshine a way out of despair??

Is not every evening a homecoming??

Like this thousands of questions can be asked. :)

I feel it is always “catch the festive time (the time referred to here as festive is just to underline the meaning that it’s the time which we find for ourselves) by the horn and squeeze the last drop of the nectar from it.”

At the spur of the moment I would like to copy and paste some lines of a poem written by the English poet, John Keats, which made me feel that it has got an advice to give to people suffering from occasional fit of melancholy:

But when the melancholy fit shall fall

Sudden from heaven like a weeping cloud,

That fosters the droop- headed flowers all,

And hides the green hill in an April shroud;

Then glut thy sorrow on a morning rose,

Or on the rainbow of the salt sand-wave,

Or on the wealth of globed peonies;

Or if thy mistress some rich anger shows,

Emprison her soft hand and let her rave,

And feed deep, deep upon here peerless eyes.

Nature has unlimited capacity to refill the world with potential joys and riches. We, earthlings, are as yet unaware of the enormous untapped riches of the other planets , solar systems and galaxies at the disposal of the nature. Simply, when a child takes his/her first step or utters the first word, he/she initiates a festival for the folks.



  1. I swear I posted a comment to this...but now I don't see it...anyways...

    Dude!! You should totally blog more!! I had to google a lot of words in there...hehe... and with you quoting Keats and all... why exactly did you take engineering again?

  2. @ssush-Thanks for your comment:). Well, i dont think i have used any hard words for you to google and find out the meanings for.:). And yeah the keat's stuff, i copy pasted as i have gone through those lines even before.:). Anyways thanks once again for the response.:) And hoping i could write "out" whats "in"side me more..:):)

  3. Didn't expect you to be so much immersed in philosophy when you said you live life according to philosophies. :) :)

    Enjoying life is all well enough, but sitting idle is NOT the way to go about it. To concentrate nature's energies within yourself, you should have to enjoy what you do. :D

    You do have a way with words man. Great going! :)

  4. “When life is a daily festival”,
    this is the view point to look for life.but can we???????????????????????????????????????

  5. @aunty- Well many say that it can be.:-). (i.e),life can be made a daily festival:-). Havent tried yet..:).. Anyways thanks for skimming through my posts..:-)