Sunday, July 4, 2010

Self -Realization is BLISS......

Well, it feels really nice to be back to this place. As always, I write something, leave, and return back after a very long span. Same happened this time too, its been really long since “When life becomes a daily fest” was posted. But as already mentioned I always find immense pleasure in returning to this desk. May be I am showered upon with some blessings and thoughts to write out my experience and feelings here. :)

I have been traversing through a very hard patch of life for the past one and half months, some of them includes, parting off from best buds, family problems, personal problems etc.

My mind was completely occupied with thoughts,( “nothing”) which would prove constructive or helpful. I struggled a lot to get out of them and finally realized many things , a part of which I would like to share here.

I realized that “THE SOURCE OF HIGHEST JOY LIES WITHIN EVERY ONE OF US”. Without realizing this, man seeks for happiness in the material world as well as on the grief of fellow beings seeking fulfillment in the sense of pleasures which give only instantaneous satisfaction. As known, the instantaneous satisfaction is a temporary set up. Many of us, on the head start, do not believe that true bliss can be discovered only in the realization of OUR OWN SELF and not in other’s feelings or worldly objects.

Just for instance, a normal man, who does not get his things done, or get his wishes fulfilled, realizes that he must to do more to reach his ultimatum or on the other hand, he decides to “RUN AWAY” from reality. (I always support and second the latter and a strict stay clear off to the former types.) The aforementioned two’s are the thoughts jostling in the minds of a normal man. At the same time, a wise person understands the futility of a life given only to the pursuit of material ends and takes steps to progress spiritually, which is what “ME, the normal person” is trying to do now(I am trying to be wiser nowadays). Those who follow the dictates of their desires without using their intellect and will for SELF-IMPROVEMENT will only get further enmeshed in bondage.

Human life is meant only to realize the highest bliss of the self, becomes clear, when the ephemeral nature of material life and unwanted thoughts gets firmly ingrained in the mind.

By performance of our actions as duty, without attachment, the mind becomes purified of baser qualities life selfishness, thus becoming fit to receive subtle spiritual knowledge. Even the worldly ends can be met only if we concentrate on what our mind says (the first thought) and act accordingly with the firmness in our moves. I feel, what is required is ONLY A DIFFERENT ORIENTATION IN LIFE, CLEARLY UNDERSTANDING OUR LONG TERM GOALS, BASICS OF ETHICS, OUR OWN ETHICS AND CORRESPONDING ACTIONS TO ACHIEVE SELF REALISATION.



  1. Interesting read.. In a nutshell, u've outlined the essence of karma yoga :)
    So true, we can always find solace easier, the further we are from being materialistic..

  2. And now you're ready to chuck s/w engg and become a spiritual guru :P
    Ok, jokes aside, I've always felt the concept of "self-realization" is very vague. And I'm not sure just how practical practicing such a thing in real life is. I mean if you're living in a society, you can't NOT be attached to worldly objects/people. I could write an essay on this, but meh, too lazy. Anyways, thanks for this interesting read :) It got my brain-dead mind thinking.

  3. @sush- I used to think as your second line of the above comment says. But the other stuff happens too. It neednt happen to everyone living in a society , to be frank , I live i a society and I am trying to realize myselves. Its not that you do it on your wish, sometimes you might be forced to do so.Anyways THANKS a lot for your comment.:). And as i have said before, I am waiting for you to write out something.:).Hope it happens soon.:)

  4. he instantaneous satisfaction is a temporary set up
    suraj we knew it very well. r u agree with me ?

  5. All of us know this reality of life but we don't really wanna accept it and then get entangled in the wordly mesh. only to accept it wen v're dead tired n useless at the end of life's journey. truly an impressive piece...